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In this book you will learn how to implement The RoleTailored client with success. The whole idea behind the RoleTailored client and the profiles is that functionality and information should be available as close to the main Role Center page as possible. This means that all the information the user needs to perform daily routines is available on the startup screen. Not only that, pending and overdue tasks should be highlighted on the same startup screen. Getting the information is not enough; all functionality needed to handle the tasks must be available as well.
Today a large amount of the functionality are hidden in the different Role Centers. This book will help you to discover some of the hidden features and to reuse them and thereby save valuable time and money in future implementations of the RoleTailored client.
This is a guide to how to build, configure and implement the RoleTailored client in a company. The topics will include:

  • Why do we need the RoleTailored Client?
  • The Life Cycle of a profile
  • Learn when to build new Role Centers and when to configure the existing profiles?
  • Developing new Role Center Pages
  • Assigning a Role Center Page to a profile
  • Configuring a Profile
  • Customizing a profile
  • Adding Charts, business charts and performance charts
  • Import/Export of Profiles
  • Removing Personalization
  • Disabling the Department from the Profile
  • Notifications
The second part of the book is a Business case. Here you will find examples of implementing profiles for:
  • Sales Order Processor
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Accounting Manager
  • Limited Role Centers (Warehouse)
And we will even create some specialized Role Centers
  • CEO portal
  • Employee Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • Surveillance Portal
  • Tablet Role Center

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