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Welcome to Bech-Andersen Consult ApS

This is my little bookshop, selling my book: Manufacturing with Dynamics NAV in paperback and download editions.
It is also possible to buy some of the changes described in the book. 
The Paperback edition can be delivered to many countries. 
If your country is not listed, do not hesitate to contact me for a special offer for the delivery.
Of course everybody can buy the book for download.

My Manufacturing debut

In 1983, I got my first real job as an accountant in a production company. I was later to be appointed to Head of Accounting in the same company. Little did I know that this would introduce me to three important areas that would follow me for the rest of my professional career. The company had just started from scratch producing solariums or tanning beds, which was the absolute “in” products in those days. Since the company was brand new, we had to define all processes, methods and policies from scratch.  Despite being an absolute rookie, I got the opportunity to influence things, which would have been impossible in any established company. Although the learning curve was extremely steep, I found a reward in being part of an entrepreneurship, and I really enjoyed watching the manufacturing process, knowing that my own ideas had become part of the processes in the production lines. Sometimes, though, I had to watch it extreme closely, such as when employees on the production line had called in sick and a deadline was approaching. In these cases, it was all hands on deck.
The first area introduced to me was the manufacturing process. This company aimed at implementing an Agile discrete manufacturing method, which was completely unknown to me. It included inventing new products, engineering products for the production lines, and setting up production lines.
The second area was the costing of the productions, all the way from the initial preliminary calculations, which determined if we would set up the production line and, evidently, the retrospective calculation, which showed whether we made money on the production at all.
The third area was implementing the entire process into a computer system. This included finances, sales, purchasing, inventory and, of course, the manufacturing process. The system was an IBM S/36 Compact with the software package: Module Plan and a custom-made manufacturing module.
Although I was only part of the company for two years (working 70 hours a week), it has had a major influence on my professional career. After this, I decided that practicing accounting primarily was not enough for me. My next job was at Ernst & Young as a consultant implementing IT systems both internally and externally.
In 1984, a new system was introduced - PcPlus - and I was part of the beta-testing team reviewing the new product. Although it only included finances, sales, purchasing and inventory modules, I immediately recognized a rising star, and started implementing it with a number of clients after its release in 1985. PcPlus was a single-user system and later was changed into Navigator when they released their new multiuser system. Navigator was later renamed again this time to Navision. Manufacturing was not a Navision priority for a long time, so when I needed to implement a manufacturing solution for a customer in the mid-nineties, I had to turn to a partner solution called MPS by PCA, introduced to me by Richard Bonner (thank you for that). Later on, when Navision introduced the manufacturing module, it was natural for me to follow that path.
Since then, we – Navision and I – have implemented solutions in several industries, all over the world:
  • Insulation & Fishboxes
  • Cheese
  • Tailored Kitchen Tables
  • Computer Manuals
  • Gravel
  • Steel beams and plates
  • Airline food
  • Disposable plates
  • Hydralic Pumps
  • Computer-cables
  • The Oil Industri
  • Margarine

I am sure it is not over yet.
This book compiles over thirty years of my own manufacturing experience and the experience of my diligent reviewers.  I hope that the book will fill the gaping hole in the literature of Dynamics NAV.