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Product info Designing Visual Studio Code Extensions for Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"

Product name Designing Visual Studio Code Extensions for Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"
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Updated for the February 2018 edition.

Having developed in the various Navision/Microsoft Business Solution/Dynamics NAV development environments over the years, it is obvious that I also need to embrace the “brave new world” of Visual Studio Code.

In order to do that I have participated in lectures, workshops and courses and every time, I learned something new.

However, I know that the only real way to learn a new development environment is to hands-on test in on an actual project. Therefore, I took one of my old projects - “The subscription solution” - which I have blogged about multiple times, and made that into a project to test the Visual Studio Code.

I learned a lot doing this, and I hope you will learn as much.

This whitepaper is based on the October 2017 edition of the preview development environment and updated up intil February 2018.

Since the Visual Studio Code Editor is work-in-progress, there might be changes to functionality later and even the access to the environment might not work exactly as described in this whitepaper later.

The access to the latest information about the preview environment can be found here:

Please Google the latest update.

Prequisites for the course:

In order to get access to and use the preview development environment of Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” and Visual Studio Code, there are a number of prerequisites:

  • You must have a windows live account
  • You must have an active subscription on Microsoft Azure. The subscription can be:
    • A free trial subscription
    •  A Pay-as-you-go subscription
    • Or any other subscription that allows creating a new virtual environment
  • You must know the “on premise” Dynamics NAV development environment
  • You must master programming in the C/AL language
  • You must have a Dynamics NAV 2016 Developers license
  • You must understand the concept of programming with events
  • You must understand the concept of extensions
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Table of content

Setting up the development environment
Create the new project
Connect to the database
Downloading the symbols
Creating files and using snippets
The Development environment of Visual Studio Code for Dynamics 365
The first test
Create the actual project
Project description
Project objects
Making the first test
Creating the solution
Deploying and testing the solution

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